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Founded in March 2012 and based out of Bangalore, Traverik helps people to plan their trips with family and friends in an easy and fun way. Whether you are a seasoned traveller concerned with the smallest of details or a casual traveller who just wants to go out and have some fun time, Traverik is the right place to start. People who dont want to get into the details can simply get the curated travel-chain for the city they are visiting to. Others can make an elaborate plan, inviting and asking their friends to help. Social Travel Planning was never so cool and easy before Traverik.


Piyush Ranjan (CEO) Piyush holds a B.Tech (CS) from IIT Roorkee and has over 6 years of industry experience. He oversees startegy and guides the direction in which Traverik is headed. He comes up with brilliant ideas whenever required. His idea of travel is listening to classic rock at some place away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Ashutosh Pandey (Product) Ashutosh holds a B.Tech (CS) from NIT Allahabad and brings 3 years of experience working in early stage startups. He founded Traverik after a week long vacation in Goa. At Traverik, he is reponsible for the product development and overall strategy. He is an avid traveller and does'nt miss any opportunity of riding out with friends.
Abhishek Deo (Business) Abhishek holds an MBA from IIFT Delhi and is responsinble for Marketing and Business Development at Traverik. He is our chief hu$tler and 'loves to talk'. You will have to get on a call with him to realize how much of an understatement is that.
Ashish Kumar (Developer) Ashish holds a B.Tech (ECE) from WBUT. He listens to rock and metal and loves hanging out with his friends daylong! He joined Traverik as a Junior Developer only to quench his thirst for problem-solving.