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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Traverik?

An tool that allows you to:

 - Plan your trips in advance over a wide range of destinations across the globe,
 - Collaborate with friends and loved ones and plan with them,
 - Make as many changes as you want before finalizing your plan.
 - Print it. Share it. Make as many copies as you want. You are good to go.

Why Traverik?

How many times we have landed up at a destination for a trip with just a random idea about the place and hide our unpreparedness with euphemisms like 'go with the flow'. Often, at the end of such trips we feel we could have done much better. It's time you started enjoying your break, the way you wanted and the way you deserve. Sounds simple, isn't it? That's why we are here. To help you make the most out of any trip you undertake.

How do we use traverik?

Planning your travel has never been this easy. A few mouse-clicks here and a few drags there and, you are good to go. Everything is now just a matter of minutes. Also, share and collaborate with your friends and special ones. Modify the plans on the go and finalize after all the suggestions have been pooled in. Make as many copies as you want and share with as many people as you feel like. It has never been this easy.

How much do you charge for this service?

Our service is absolutely free. No hidden charges as well, just to make it clear.

Who can use Traverik?

Identify yourself with a valid e-mail id or through Facebook or twitter and you are good to go. That's all. No credit card details. No personal data. Nothing that you don't want to share.

What do we need to use Traverik?

Apart from this You'll need a workable internet connection, a mouse and/or a mobile device ( yes, you heard it right. Mobile apps are on their way. )

Feedback and queries

Our endeavor is to continuously improve your whole 'Traverik' experience. Bouquets and brickbats equally welcome on feedbacks section.

Any other query?

Please drop a line at and we will be happy to respond. Thanks.